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Kurdish schoolchildren

near Mount Ararat, for

GOOD magazine



Setting the record straight about a famous Civil Rights era Sheriff in Wilcox County, Alabama



How the NY Health Dept. Separated Immigrant Families During The Smallpox Outbreak of 1907


Smithsonian Magazine 

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner in Savannah


The Washington Post 

"Whose Facade is it, anyway?"

Tourism & Ethics in the Instagram Era



"The Last Fish Shack on the River"


Bitter Southerner 

Catskill Mountains Tourism Revival


CNN Travel 

A famous community of African American quilters fight for their copyrights in Gee's Bend


The Nation 

Castro's Mariel Boatlift, Georgia's Freedom Flotilla


Camping in the Empty Quarter


A could-be-last look at a 6,000-year-old city


GOOD Magazine

Farm-to-Table Chef Profile 

Chronogram Magazine 

B52s Kate Pierson profile 

DVEIGHT Magazine 

From Abu Dhabi to the Empty Quarter


United Arab Emirates 

A visit to Bhutan with a group of marathoners



"Red hair is a woman's game." -TOM ROBBINS


New York City 

A one-room schoolhouse at the foot of Mount Ararat


Turkish Kurdistan 

The closest island to the 2004 tsunami quake


Simeulue Island, Sumatra

The edge of the Amazon with 100 clowns


Iquitos, Peru 

Teaching photography to kids in Cabarete


Dominican Republic 

Following a roving American violinist in India


Mumbai to Santiniketan 

B&W 35mm with a Downeast bloodworm digger


Cherryfield, Maine 


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